Interview mit Jesse Richman (Cabrinha)

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Boost: Hey Jesse! What have you been up to lately? I heard you just got back from Australia.
JR: Hey guys, yeah, I had a really cool trip in Australia, training for 2010 and riding at the Core jam. I have also been in Maui a lot training and getting ready for the year. Riding at the first few events now and feeling strong and ready for the season.

Boost: How does it feel to be KWPT and IKA world champion?
JR: I am Pretty stoked, I have had a great few years competing now and to be world champion again is amazing. I am happy to see the progression of the sport and the IKA stepping in, to hold the overall IKA title is definitely an amazing feat for me.

Boost: At 17, you have reached ALOT in kiting. Where do you want to go next?
JR: All I can say that I want to do now is have fun!!! I want to push the sport to the next level and really emphasize “style”. To me it doesn’t matter so much what it is that we are doing but how it looks. I want to have everything that we do in kiteboarding look really good, and really cool. Not only for the riders but for the fans and public watching.

Boost:If, one day, you decided to stop kiteboarding professionally, what would you want to do?
JR: So many options…. Race Down Hill Mountain Bikes……. Become a pilot in the Air Force…..Chill on Maui and surf….. So many options, only one life.

Boost: You’ve done really well in all disciplines, but definitely rocked in the Slider contests. How would you describe your riding style?
JR: Well I am now riding with one key thing in mind and that is Power. I am going as big as I can on every trick I do because I just get bored of doing tricks if I am not trying to do something new or something harder then I have done before. Adding Power and speed to all my tricks makes them more fun and feel better.

Boost: Which other riders do you train with, and how does it mutually affect your riding style?
JR: I really enjoy riding with friends to help push and motivate me. I ride a lot with my brother Shawn, good friend Cam Dietrich in the waves. I have fun riding with some of the guys from Europe. Riding with other top riders helps me tons because I can see what looks good and doesn’t and take what I want and apply it to my tricks and likewise for the other riders.

Boost: Whats your setup?
JR: I am rocking the Nomads and Switchblades with the 130 Caliber and 5.7 Squad.

Boost: Can you tell us a little bit about the current Cabrinha products? Whats special about the Nomads and the Caliber?
JR: The New Cabrinha High performance freestyle gear is sick!!! It’s really nice for me to be able to ride this gear, I am not being held back from gear performance. I would say that the Nomad has all the good characteristics of a C Kite with not really any of the bad ones. The Nomad/Caliber Combo is an incredibly fun set up to ride!!

Boost: Do you have any impact on product development? Where do you see the biggest room for improvements in kiteboarding gear.
JR: I have a small part in the design process but definitely play a part. I test and chime in my opinion on the new gear and help the R and D team to solve the problems and make the kites what they are today. The Kites now are pretty amazing compared to what we rode in the past. Besides small adjustment and fine tuning I don’t see much that we really need to do to our gear. It’s all working pretty good for me.

Boost: Growing up in Hawaii is a kitesurfers dream. Is it still your favorite spot? Or where would you spend the rest of your days, if you had to choose.
JR: Hawaii is the Best!!! I could spend the whole year there without any problems at all. I love home and always will.

Boost: How did you first get into kiteboarding, and how did you become a prorider?
JR: It had a lot to do with family support and being in the right place at the right time. I pretty much got into it and learned with my family and when we felt that it was time I took it to the big scene and it all has gone well ever since.

Boost: Do you have any advice for guys who want to do their first competitions?
JR: Train hard, Ride hard and the most important thing is simply Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boost: Thanks for the Interview Jesse, and good luck for 2010!
JR: Cheers guys!!!

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