Interviewserie 2010: Andy Yates

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In unserer Interviewserie in diesem Sommer hatten wir nun schon Stefan Permien und Christian “Bibi” Passenegg. Jetzt wenden wir uns einem sehr interessanten Fahrer der PKRA zu. Andy Yates ist geborener Australier und mischt zur Zeit mächtig im Worldcup mit. Der 20 jährige wurde beim Event in St. Peter-Ording zweiter und den letzten Tourstop auf Fuerteventura gewann er sogar. Wir haben ihn interviewt und dir nun viel Spaß beim Lesen:

How long have you been kitesurfing ?

I started in October 2005, so almost 5 years now.

Since when are you participating at the international competitions ?

I had my first event in Cabarete, Dominican Republic in 2008. I placed 9th there, so I was pretty stoked.

This was your second worldcup in Germany, did you enjoy it ?

I competed last year in St. Peter-Ording and placed 4th, it was my best result last year. This year I was hoping to better it, and I did. I was so happy with my 2nd place finish this time.

What was special about the german spots, conditions and peoples ?

I think the conditions in Germany suit me. The wind is really onshore most of the time and perfect for my 11 metre and 13 metre kites. The water is flat in between the waves which I like. The people in Germany are also very friendly. Everyone there gets so excited about kiteboarding which is awesome for the sport.

You bet the worldchampion Kevin Langeree and the number two in the world Youri Zoon and finished it with place number two at the biggest stop in the world !  How do you feel after this ?

Amazing. It’s so good to get a result like this at any event, but it is especially good to get it at an event like Germany. I’m really happy. I put up a good show for the crowds there and beat the top guys again.

Right now you are the australian champion. Name us your goals of your sporty career?

Right now I’m putting all my energy into becoming the World Champion. It was my goal to win my national title, and when I achieved this in 2008, I immediately wanted to become World Champion!!

Do you think you have chances to become the woldchampion 2010?

Of course!! The best chance of anyone now!!

You won the stopp in Fuerteventura, the way to the titel is not so far away ? What do you think about the season 2010 ?

Yeah so now I’m in the best position to win the 2010 World Title. So I’m just going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing so far this year and the title will be mine. I’m going for it!!

Kevin has injured himself at Fuerteventura, the risk for this is getting higher in kiteboarding, what do think about this ?

It’s so sad that Kevin got injured. He’s an awesome guy and a great competitor. I hope that he gets back to competing as soon as possible. There is always a risk of injury in extreme sports. I’m not really worried about it but, I’m a lucky person so I’ll be right.

Your tricks are really fast and technical. So what are you going to improve in the future ?

Thank you. I’m just trying to make everything look good and powerful in every wind conditions. I want to be able to perform at my best at every spot in the world. So I’m working on getting all my tricks consistent in every type of conditions.

How are the conditions in Queansland?

The best in the world ;). I live on an open beach break with waves, and have two amazing flat water river mouths within 15 minutes drive of my house. One of my local spots is seriously the best in the world. It’s just that no one knows about it yet.

We heard some scary storys about few sharks in Queansland. Is it really scary there ?

Some places are bad but even still, you have the smallest ever chance of even seeing a shark, let alone getting attacked by one. It’s all good!!

What do you love most at your great home country Australia ?

My family and friends. There is nothing better than being at home, and going kiting at my local spots with friends!! My family especially have made my dream of being World Champion possible.

What are your plans outside of kitesurfing ?

I am studying at university, so I travel with all my study text books. It’s pretty hard to study when I’m competing, but I always make some time for it. I also surf heaps when I’m home, and SUP when there is no surf and no wind. So everyday I can be in the water, which I love.

When will you come back to Europe ?

We’ll see, but after this trip, there are no more 2010 PKRA events in Europe. I did hear of some competitions in Spain, so I might be back soon!!

Which companys/brands do support you ?

SLINGSHOT, SolRX Sunscreen, Mystic, Suncoast Cable

What’s about the new kites of Slingshot ? Which kite is your favorite and why ?

I’ve tried the kites from Slingshot, they are all AMAZING, but for me, the Fuel works the best. It’s stable and does exactly what I want it to. I couldn’t ask for more in a kite.

Thank you Andy for the time you spend for us. We wish all the best for you and go for it!

Thanks dude, talk soon!! Thanks for your support.


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