PKRA-Weltmeister 2010 im Interview: Andy Yates

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Andy Yates (Slingshot) wurde Ende letzten Jahres Freestyle Weltmeister der PKRA World Tour. Der sympathische Australier gewann den Titel schon im vorletzten Event in Neu Kaledonien. Wir haben ihn für dich befragt und heraus gefunden, wie sich ein amtierender Weltmeister im Kitesurfen so fühlt. Hier das volle Interview in Andys Muttersprache:

Hey Andy, it’s been nearly half a year since we interviewed you the last time. One of our questions was, if you could imagine to become World Champion 2010. You answered with „Of course!!“. Now we see, that you’re a man who makes that sentence real! Congrats for your victory and becoming the new Freestyle Champ of the PKRA. We would like to do another interview to show your fans in Germany what’s going on now.


So now you’re the new Champ! How does it feel like?

This has been my goal for a long time now and I’m SO STOKED!! It’s going to take some time getting used to that’s for sure. This year has been an amazing year for me. I said right at the start of the year that I’d like to finish in the top 3 overall, but to have already been guaranteed World Champion before the last event on the Gold Coast is something I never imagined. It’s been my dream for a long time now. I’ve put in so much effort for it, and it’s all I have been thinking about. This is certainly something that I will remember for my whole life!!

What do you think about the season 2010. Are you fine with every part of it?

I look back over the season as a dream year for me. Everything went my way. When I needed the heats, I had them J. There are so many things that I look back on as awesome moments, but the best moment was when I was announced as the winner of the New Caledonian event and therefore the 2010 World Champion. That was amazing!! And yes, I am so stoked with every part of the year. I’m World Champion, can’t get much better than that :).

The last tourstop was on your home turf in Australia. We saw that the weather was not typical and the wind didn’t show up that much. What is your impression of that event?

It was awesome for me that the event came to my home. The spot on the Gold Coast is amazing and it’s just a few hours drive south of my house. For the event, there wasn’t the best wind, but we did manage to finish the single eliminations. It wasn’t all about the event itself for me. It was mainly about sharing it with all my friends and family. When I’m overseas I don’t always have the support, so to have everyone there was something I’ll never forget, and this was more important to me than the conditions at an event. Conditions aside, the event was amazing. The organisers did a great job. Gold Coast is the perfect location for an event and I think all the riders were stoked on everything: wind, waves and the night life in Goldy.

We hope to see more of your sick riding in the following season. Are you going on tour to defend the title and maybe get your second one?

Thanks dude!! Yeah for sure I’ll be back this year to defend my title. And YES, I’m going for multiple world titles!! Can’t stop at one ;).

Where will you go to train now and prepare for the next season?

I’ve been home since the last event on the Gold Coast. It’s been so awesome being home and chilling with my family and friends. We have had good winds here, although it has been raining a lot. Brisbane had the worst floods in 30 years or something but apart from that, it’s been great. The first event for 2011 will most likely be in Thailand, so I’m going to train up for that and be ready to bust there!!

The level seems to increase a lot at the moment. The tricks are the same, but everybody is going to do the tricks full powered and with many grabs to get as much style as possible. What is your riding increasing to?

I think the riding is insane at the moment. There are so many good riders on the tour with their own individual styles. But personally, I’m just trying to make all my tricks powerful with my own individual style. And if the conditions are good, I try to do lots of grabs too. My riding changed a bit throughout 2010 but I am so happy how it finished off. I had some of my best event towards the end of the tour season, and I was stoked to finish happy with my riding. This is just as important to me as winning.

The new schedule for the 2011 tour isn’t available now, but the event in Germany is announced for the end of august. Looks like light winds and warm weather, but as the past shows, you never know. We wish you all the best and look forward to see you riding and talk to you here.

Sounds great man and thanks for the interview, and for your support. Really appreciate it :)


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