Brunotti Cherry Blossom 2011 Kiteboard 130x38

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Brunotti Cherry Blossom 2011 Kiteboard 130x38

Kiteboards are designed with a number of variables in mind: wind/water riding conditions, preferred style of riding, stance, and rider weight.

The Cherry Blossom 2011 is designed for women and their specific needs. Women typically have a narrower stance, prefer a more forgiving flex in the overall contour of the board, even the graphical designs are of a different preference.
Incorporating a moderate flex pattern in combination with a smooth rocker line and single concave, the board provides enhanced tracking, upwind, and top-line speed while at the same time being forgiving on the knees and legs. The narrower footstrap stance is ideal for women, providing more comfort on the legs during straight line riding, and the pads have been designed to tailor for smaller feet.

The Cherry Blossom 2011 is delivered with the Flexpad footpads, for maximum comfort, foot protection, and board control.