Brunotti Youri Zoon Pro 2011 Kiteboard 133x40

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Brunotti Youri Zoon Pro 2011 Kiteboard 133x40

Youri Zoon World Champion 2011

Brunotti launches the new Youri Pro 2011 with a fresh design, reshaped tips and Flexcomfort footpads. The best selling freestyle kiteboard of the Brunotti Boards collection is refined even more for 2011. This board is a result of a successful collaboration between Boardshaper Jinne Sietsma and PKRA killer Youri Zoon.
The quad-channel bottom, down-the-line-traction and power control is like never before. The triple concave between the foot area has been added for earlier and enhanced planning speed. A relatively parallel outline, rocker designed for speed, and wide tips ensure the boards tracks hard and is stable even with the hottest of landings. Complete with the new Flexcomfort footpads, for maximum comfort, foot protection, and board control.

The Youri Pro 2011 continues to be manufactured with a full WoodCore, which has proven to be the most durable and resilient construction in the market.