Flexifoil Landboard "Hunter"

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Flexifoil Hunter Landboard Mountainboard

Das Flexifoil Hunter ist entworfen worden, um fortgeschrittenen Landboardern und Pros ein preiswertes, aber qualitativ hochweriges Landboard zu bieten. Es wurde sehr auf die Stabilität des Boards geachtet, um lange Spaß damit zu haben.

Flexifoil Hunter Landboard Beschreibung:

"Become a serious player in the kite landboard scene with the Hunter from Flexifoil. Designed solely for kite landboarding, the Hunter is a more premium, focused board, intended for those riders looking to hit more advanced levels of skill and ability. An intermediate to advanced level board, you can learn on the Hunter but with a strong learning curve, it’ll reward devotion and make you strive for perfection.

Built from premium Canadian maple, the Hunter deck incorporates four layers of tri-axial fibreglass, offering outstanding pop and shock absorption perfect for all demanding landboarders. As usual Flexifoil’s standards in construction quality and commitment to design, present an option for all landboarders that will offer lasting durability giving you confidence in even the most extreme conditions."

Flexifoil Hunter Landboard Features:

Total Länge: 900mm
Gewicht: 5,8 Kg

Outline Shaping to Maximum Performance
The Hunter from Flexifoil is shaped purely for maximum performance in kite landboarding. With a wide platform for your feet, you’ll experience maximum stability and ultimate turning leverage to offer quick, sharp levels of manoeuvrability.

The middle of the board however has been narrowed to allow the easiest and most natural feeling during board grabs. With your hands closer to the centre balance point of the board it’ll feel lighter and more natural during finger flips, spins and other handling tricks.

Around the tips of the board, excess material has been reduced to lower the swing weight of the board and allow easier deck grabs without influence from the wheels.

Profile Perfected

With the Hunter’s 15 degree tips, stability and predictability in the steering has been maximised to produce increased speed and easier carving. The low slung deck also lowers the board’s centre of gravity helping the Hunter feel solid and stable even at speed.

Exceptional Levels of Construction
Only the best materials from around the world have been used in the Flexifoil Hunter. Canadian maple grows much slower due to the cold environment; this makes it a lot stronger than other maples from around the world which is why we use it in the Hunter. The very best materials demand the very best construction techniques so we use an American epoxy with a European hardener to give us the ultimate glue and ensure a very strong and solid lay-up.

The Hunter also has 4 layers of tri-axial fibreglass within it, strategically positioned for the maximum weight to strength ratio, a super smooth ride and maximum pop. Protecting the Hunter is a sublaminted graphic. The graphic material has been chosen for its resilience to rocks ensuring the Hunter stays looking good and making it great for sliding on rails time after time.

Flexifoil Pioneer Tyre
The Hunter presents the Flexifoil Pioneer tyre, specifically designed for kite landboarding. The optimised tread pattern is unlike any other tread on the market and specifically designed to work with the sideways forces unique to kite landboarding and transfer those to bolster your forward momentum. This not only helps you move in the correct direction in wet slippery conditions but it also helps you to load your edge allowing you to boost higher.

The Pioneer Tyre also offers a flatter profile than most others available, meaning tyre pressures can be higher ? reducing rolling resistance ? whilst obtaining the optimal amount of rubber on the ground to increase traction and reduce wear.

The tyre itself is as light as possible to help decrease the swing weight of the board, helping with all aspects of freestyle. The tyre operates with a 2 ply wall instead of a 4 ply wall to reduce weight, but rest assured we’ve not let the durability and reliability of the tyre slip and have tested it to meet all the levels of punishment kite landboarding offers.

Optimal Trucks, Hubs and Footstraps
For the Hunter, we’ve chosen skate trucks to offer faster, more responsive steering that’s essential for kiting,  also giving a far simpler design, which doesn’t contain any moving parts, springs or excess hardware increasing durability in harsh environments. The trucks are made from a steel axles with lightweight aluminium casting surrounding it. The axle is 12mm and hollow to increase strength and reduce weight. Hunter trucks come as standard with a 95a ‘shorehardness / durometer’ dampening rubber. This is the best grade rubber for all round kiting and has been chosen based on our deck designs and intended use. All in all, they are offer the very best durability and protection.

Flexifoil’s ‘Explorer’ hubs offer the ultimate in lightweight and virtually indestructible design, with a superb strength to weight ratio. Finally, the footstraps have been created to include the total adjustability and offer maximum comfort, control whilst maintaining the tough construction standards that we’ve set ourselves throughout the board.