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  Naish Alana 2014 129cm Kiteboard

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The Naish Alana is designed for women who want all-around freeride, freestyle and twintip waveriding versatility. It is the most advanced woman-specific board to date.The Alana’s outline, flex, dimensions and high-end 3D shape have all been fine-tuned to respond to lighter degrees of rider input.

The Naish Alana’s wide surface area, full rocker, bevelled tunnel edges on the tip area and responsive flex provide easy planing, great edging, soft landings and a smooth ride in chop. Its solid pop and smooth control make landing the craziest moves easier than imagined possible.

Offering absolute versatlility thanks to smooth edging, balanced power, easy control, consistent planing and limitless performance potential.

The Alana goes in a completely new direction in terms of rocker and outline. The new combination results in radically smooth performance, a new style of freestyle pop, and makes landing the craziest moves easier than imagined possible.

While initially built for the wakestyle rider in mind, it has also taken it's place in the market as a leading freeride board, with a wide surface area, increased rocker and great flex - this board offers the freeride customer easy planing, soft landings and a smooth ride in chop.

With radically smooth performance, massive freestyle pop and control to make landing the craziest move easier than you imagined possible. The Naish Alana encourages you to push yourself to the next level.

In comparison to the Dub and Monarch, the Alana’s outline is more parallel over the majority of the length of its rail to balance the increased rocker. Unlike the Monarch, which derives its pop from its rock solid edging and powerful tips, the Naish Alana has a more wake style pop off the full rocker when ridden flat.

The increased width and surface area promote early planing and added glide; and in combination with the new rocker, it guarantees the smoothest landings ever.

The Naish Alana lets you push yourself to become even better. Land those tricks you've never imagined!

Naish Alana Construction >

Naish Motion Construction Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board

1) Beveled Edges - smooth riding and soft forgiving landings

2) Flat Centre to Single Concave - forgiving landings and directional stability

3) Off-Centered Double Concave to Quad Channels - superb grip and drive

Nasa / Tech-2 Laminates
This construction system builds a unique framework of different composite laminates over the top and bottom of the board interlocked by composite I-beams through the wood core.

Bi-Axial & UD Glass Laminates: Instant flex response and superior torsion control provide a positive, smooth feeling ride.

Hi-Ten Response Flex

When combining the NASA/TECH-2 laminates with the Motion’s new rocker and outline, the result is a completely new performance. The Motion rides amazingly higher, faster, and smoother than any other construction/shaping combination.

Full Paulownia Wood Core: Paulownia wood is lightweight, not subject to warp and has outstanding reflex characteristics. It also has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any wood, which makes it the perfect core for kiteboards.

Tip-2-Tip Hybrid Wood Core

Featuring a tip-to-tip solid wood core with a highly developed thickness taper and hybrid of different densities of vertically laminated wood. This new core is combined with top and bottom laminates unique to each board model. Each model is engineered with an exact flex characteristic for specific riding performance and unsurpassed durability.

Riding Style: Freeriding / Cruising / Freestyle / Wakestyle / Jumping

Naish Motion 2014 Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board 2011

Skill Level: Intermediate / Expert

Naish Alana Kiteboard - Length / Width:

  • Naish Alana - 129 x 38.0cm
  • Naish Alana - 132 x 39.0cm

Naish Alana Key Features:

  • High Performance Board
  • All-Terrain
  • Nasa / Tech-2 Laminates
  • Medium Flex F35 - ideal for slow-to-medium speed riding
  • 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/20 - powerful rocker for fast riding and aggressive pop and lively feel
  • 3D Step Rails = thin edges for solid grip
  • 4° Angle Fin Platform = superior grip
  • Hi-Ten Response Flex
  • Very Forgiving
  • Tip-2-Tip Hybrid Woodcore
  • Forgiving freestyle with lots of comfort

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