Nobile 2HD Black Kiteboard 2011 (AUSVERKAUFT)

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Nobile 2HD Black Kiteboard 2011

DoubleHydroDynamic is the next step in kiteboarding evolution. 2HD it’s an exceptional and unrivaled mix of technological advancement with long experience in creating high qualitative products. This project is a synergy of advantages of our best boards in all range. Super speed and explosive pop are the main advantages of this model.

Taking what’s essential in Hydro and Aerodynamic we developed this unique design of double-profiled bottom. This one of a kind shape was created  to bring the most performance to advanced riders. The result is the fastest and best performing board in Nobile range. 2HD is even that good, it may easily compete with race boards. Twin Tip faster than a traditional race board? It has to be the 2HD!

Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. 70% is also the amount of 2HD’s hydrodynamic base profile we did flat. Inside flatter profile makes the board extremely fast (less water resistance) and increases longitudinal stability.
The other 30% of the 2HD’s surface is outside deeper rocker. It increases versatility and edge grip. What is more, it also dramatically reduces unwanted spray in choppy water, makes your riding smother, easier and more comfortable.

DoubleHydroDynamic is also loaded with Nobile Pre-Stress technology. During the production process we “freeze and store” energy in the board construction. This energy is then for your disposal just when you need it. It benefits with more pop, faster reaction, better grip and maneuverability. This technology also allows us to make boards lighter than ever. We also added our explosive Pop Grover tech for sky-high jumps.

2HD Features:

• Extremely fast hi-performance all round board for demanding riders
• NEW DoubleHydroDynamic  profile increases versatility, control and speed
• Pre-stress technology for improved response
• Pop Grower tech for massive jumps
• Lightweight construction
• 3 years warranty against breakage

Who is it for?
Advanced riders looking for:
• Best performing board on the market
• Maximum versatility
• Hi-performance all-round board
• Maximum comfort & speed
• Controlled and Smoothest landings
• Excellent Upwind Performance



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