Scrub Mountainboard Monster Landboard ATB Slime Green

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Scrub Mountainboard Monster Landboard ATB Slime Green


Ergonomisches Design für den jüngeren Fahrer (bis 55kg), komplett neues Holz Composit Deck, 10 mm Skate-Truck-Achse, 10" Reifen und Velcro Bindung, 81 cm Länge, 5,5 kg, neue 3-speichen-Felge.

New Scrub Youth Board
We have specially developed this board for the younger rider. Kids are shorter and lighter so we need to have a board which responds to their needs, for a kite or down hill. The Scrub Monster provides the correct stance, the correct length & the correct width.

Scrub Mountainboard Monster Landboard ATB FEATURES:
Ergonomic design for the younger rider (max weight 55kg/8.5 stone )
Completely new wood composite deck Solid 10" scrub skate truck and Velcro binding.

- 81cm Composite Deck
- 5.50kgs
- 10mm Skate Trucks
- Lightweight 3 Spoke Rims
- 8” Tyres
- Velcro Binding System
- Set Up Instructions and Tools