Shinn Waterbird Skimboard Wave-Kiteboard
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Shinn Waterbird Skimboard Wave-Kiteboard

Shinn Waterbird Skimboard Beschreibung

The Waterbird is our fresh new skim-board.
This bird features rounded ABS rails, twin tip functionality and a full coverage 3-D deck-pad bringing a whole new element to light wind, strapless fun.
With early starting like a conventional skim and “trick-ability” like a wake-skate no progressive rider can afford to be without one.

Size: 120 x 51cm


There are few boards that can match a skimboard for light wind fun. Extreme width and flat rockers provide the ultimate in early planning and upwind ability. The Shinn Waterbird is not just a kiteboarding specific skimboard but takes the concept to the next level, it"s twin tip outline and rocker not only increase the trickability" of the board but also make it radically easier to use. 90cm of rocker flat and 51cm of width ensure that the planning is on a par with conventional skimboards however increasing the radius of the outline into the tips allowed us to make a board that is exceptionally stable in a straight line yet carves smoothly and effortlessly.
What's inside your board will make a huge difference to how it performs. There is a lot of talk about flex but the mount of flex is just the tip of the iceberg, what"s more important is where the board flexes and how fast it responds after that flex. Each Shinn twin tip has a carefully engineered core that optimises these characteristics and enhances them for the target rider. Core materials, glass layup and mould shaping are all factors that help us in this area but the heart of every Shinn twin tip is comprised 'mostly' of an Alabasia wood core. No other core material offers the same blend of consistent flex over extended periods of time, feather light weight and near indestructible durability.

Strapless riding is demanding enough so the Waterbird features a full coverage thermo moulded EVA pad. Using the same super tacky top surface as our Twin Tip pads this covering is guaranteed to stop your feet slipping no matter where you put them. Each end is lifted with a 5cm tail kick to allow more drive during Pops and Ollies

The Waterbird is supplied with our high visibility, low profile G10 fins and deck protection plates. Shaped exclusively for us from G10 Epoxy (for unsurpassed durability), this 35mm shape provides exceptional grip for it"s size whilst still allowing the board to slide through the water when tricks demand it.