Tabou SUP Paddles - Paddel
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Tabou SUP Paddles - Paddel

Tabou SUP Paddles - Paddel Beschreibung:

The Tabou SUP paddle is the perfect tool to transfer your force into the water. Designed with a nice balance between flex and stiffness will this paddle do everything you desire. Well ergonomics handles with a precise adjusted blade size and angle ensures you the full support of your equipment in every situation.


Tabou SUP Paddle: Glass


Fixed Version  //  Lenght: 220cm

Performance SUP paddle.
The ergonomic T-handle (included) comes separately and needs to be glued into the shaft after cutting it to the desired length.


Tabou SUP Paddle: Alu


Extension Version  //  Lenght: 170 - 210cm

Very solid but light weight SUP paddle.
Double pin adjustment system.

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